Monday, January 6, 2014

ManCat Monday With Snuggle Day Scout

Mommy was supposed to go back to work today, but they called a Snuggle Day!!!!!! Good thing, too, since the wind chill was -20 this morning!! I was brave and went out for 2 minutes, but it was way too cold to even eat grass!! I wanted to go in the garage, but Mommy said it was just as cold and would not let me.

Here are some pictures of me in the livingroom. I was getting ready to take a nap in front of the fire.

Now, excuse me while I go take another nap. I hope Mommy will join me to snuggle!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Our human says she wishes they'd call a snuggle day here when it hit minus 20, but no such luck. Not even at minus 40!

Enjoy your extra day with your mom, Scout!

E. Smith said...

Snuggle days are the best!