Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word For 2014

Although I am not doing the workshop this year (I didn't even finish last year's!!!!) I have chosen a word for 2014.

But first, let's review the word I had chosen for 2013 -- Nurture. I did very well this word. I had 12 intentions with this word and although I did not get through all of them I did get through quite a few like nurture calling, health, body and the biggest one of all --NEW LIFE!! That was the purpose of my word -- to hopefully end up nurturing a new life inside me -- and I did!

So, for this year, I have chosen the word PATIENCE. Because I am going to need it lol. patience is something I do not possess, but being pregnant has certainly made me have to practice this virtue lol. So far I have had to practice patience while waiting to find out the gender of the baby and now to feel him move!! I am going to have to have patience when waiting for him to be born and then once he is born I am going to need all of the patience in the world!!!!!

So that is my word for the coming year :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

That's a terrific word--we wish you all the patience you need in this year! ;-)

Fuzzy Tales said...
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Fuzzy Tales said...

Sorry, double post of the same thing!

betty said...

I think you did great with last year's word to nuture :)

I had patience last year as my word, patient waiting for God's answer to prayer, I did okay with it, but I could have done better. This year I'm going with "seek".

Yep, motherhood is filled with lots of patience :)