Friday, January 3, 2014

Project Life 2014

I haven't finished my 2013 album yet, but I want to talk about this year's plans.

But I will review 2013 first. I know I haven't posted pictures in a long time, but after I complete the album next weekend at a scrapbook crop I will try to take pictures from where I left off and share.

What I did for 2013...

1. Collage photos
2. Color coded photos and d├ęcor. Each month had a color scheme.
3. A mixture of page protector styles and orientations. I was trying to figure out what I liked best.
4. Traditional layouts for special occasions
5. Project Life binder (I cannot find the name of mine. I think it is discontinued. I don't even have my own picture!)
6. Loose interpretation of weeks. Sometimes I did a one page spread, sometimes 2, sometimes they were not full weeks or the weeks overlapped. I tried to keep the months all together, too.
7. Monthly dividers.
8. Journaling and filler cards.
9. Intro page
10. Though stuffed, a whole year fit in one binder!

What I plan to do for 2014....
1. No collage photos. I suspect that until the baby is born there will not be that many photos anyway.
2. A loose color scheme. Obviously all of the baby's stuff will be in shades of blue. I will probably use certain colors for each month, but the basic will be black and white.
3. Only 1 -2 page protector styles. Those will be 6 4x6 pockets horizontal and 4 4x6 pockets with a 5x7 pocket. This will just make it easier on me.
4. I will still do traditional layouts for special occasions.
5. I will discuss album use below.
6. Still will not worry about the weeks. I will try to keep the months together, too.
7. Not sure of I will do monthly dividers or just use one of the pockets to designate a new month with a fancy card. This may actually work if a month overlaps in the spread. That way I do not have to worry about fillers so much.
8. I will still do journaling and filler cards as needed.
9. I will do another Intro page, but it will be different this year.
10. I plan for it all to fit in one album again!!

Okay, let's talk about albums/binders. I was considering using a smash book because I thought I would not be taking as many pictures. Then I remembered I am having a BABY in May and I will probably have tons of pictures then!!! I am also doing a baby book where I can put pictures, a 20 page scrapbook of the highlights (birth, firsts, etc) and a small album about my pregnancy, but I am sure I will still have an abundance of pictures. I am still thinking about a Smashbook, though.

As for binders.... I have wanted the Seafoam. I could not find it at Hobby Lobby today, though. I don't want to order it online and pay shipping (unless I order something else and then it will be free if over $35). I did find another one I really liked... Jade. It is cheaper to buy it at the store, too!! I am going to check my Hobby Lobby for the Seafoam and if they don't have it I will get the Jade. Maybe lol.

And since I do not have any pictures of Project Life here are some of me and my family lol

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