Saturday, January 25, 2014

The 7 Year Dream

When TJ and I got married we knew that someday we wanted to have kids. Although I think he wanted to have them as soon as possible, I wanted to wait until after he deployed. However, we did not do anything to prevent me getting pregnant before that LOL.

While deployed I decided I wanted to actively start trying when he was home on R&R and we did, but of course nothing came of it. After that I kind of felt I wanted to wait again after he came home and got a prescription for birth control, but never took it. at this point I felt that it would happen when it happened and we never tried to prevent it or try extra hard to make it happen, either.

And I was never that worried. I felt deep down that one day I would get pregnant and have a baby. There were days when I wondered WHEN and some when I thought "what if I don't?", but I seriously never got down about it.

However, I think TJ was getting a little impatient and a couple times he suggested I see a doctor to see of something was wrong and that pissed me off.

When we bought our house I felt like I was more ready. We decided to more actively start trying and I saw an OBGYN for advice. Now while I wasn't sure if there was a fertility problem or not, I knew there was a physical issue that needed to be addressed. I will not get into details, but you all know my body is not normal and one of those things is that certain parts are smaller than normal lol (unfortunately, my stomach is not one of them!). There was something I could do and I did it and a few months later I got pregnant. I am not sure it was a result of that or just because it was time.

So even though it is not something I ever really worried about it has been a dream of mine and TJ's for 7 years. And since the day I found out I was pregnant it has been very surreal for me. Waiting for so long for something makes it really hard to believe when you finally get it. Even now when I feel the baby kicking I still can't believe he is actually in there or that I am actually pregnant. There are times when I am just so overwhelmed and amazed. And so very grateful.

It gets more and more real for me everyday.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm happy for you both, Robyn. :-)

I never did want children and have no regrets, though I know that choice isn't for most women.

So, for you, I'm glad it's happening!

betty said...

I'm sure in about 18 weeks (unless you deliver early) it will be definitely real :)

Glad that it happened in God's perfect timing :)