Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I have Learned From the Bachelor

I have been watching the Bachelor since the 2nd season and I feel that if I was ever a contestant on the show (which is highly unlikely being that I am married lol) I know what to do to ensure success. Or at least a better chance at it. Maybe these guidelines will help a hopeful future bachelorette :)

1. If you haven't dated in awhile, the Bachelor is not the place to start. Also, if you have just come out of a bad relationship or are not over your last relationship, do not go on the Bachelor. UNLESS you are in it just for the fun and cool dates and a short fling and don't care about a relationship then by all means, go for it!!

2. If you cannot hold your liquor, do not go on the Bachelor. Or don't drink.

3. Don't have a stupid gimmick when meeting the Bachelor. Just get out of the limo, walk up, introduce yourself, compliment him, say something like you look forward to talking to him or getting to know him, smile and go inside.

4. Don't interrupt another girl's one on one time. That is just rude.

5. If you have received a rose before the Rose Ceremony (like on a group or one on one date), then don't ask for one on one time at the Rose Ceremony. Give someone else without a rose yet the chance. Relax, have a drink, chat with other girls and just enjoy yourself.

6. If you do not get a rose at the first Rose Ceremony, don't cry afterwards and talk about how the Bachelor could have been your soul mate. Obviously he wasn't. Instead, get mad!! You don't get a chance to go on any cool dates!!! I seriously think that the first night rejects should be put up in a fancy hotel for a few nights and get a couple sightseeing trips.

7. If you have any fears or phobias, DO NOT list them on your application. because of you do, you will get those dates!! Like skydiving and rappelling down on a building. HOWEVER, if you would like to do these kinds of things on a date, then say that you are afraid to do those and you will get picked!!

8. Under NO circumstance, should you EVER badmouth another contestant to the Bachelor. Even if you think she is there for the wrong reasons or being mean to everyone in the house, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. He will either figure it out for himself or pick her in the end and if that happens did you really want to be with a guy who would be with a person like that???? But if you do the badmouthing, then YOU will look bad and possibly be sent home.

9. Do not say that if the Bachelor gives "so and so" a rose then you are going to leave because if she is his type then you are not unless you plan to follow through and LEAVE. otherwise you look stupid for saying that. And you are a hypocrite. To this date, no one who has ever made this threat has left on their own.

10. Do not give the Bachelor a meaningful gift, especially on the last date before the Final Rose ceremony, because usually these are the girls who are not chosen. I think only once has he chosen a girl who gave him a journal, poem, etc.

11. If you are not feeling anything for the Bachelor and do not think he is right for you, don't be the one to leave!! Chris Harrison would disagree, but take advantage of mansion living and awesome dates as long as you can!! You will be sent home eventually.

Those are my guidelines for being a contestant on the Bachelor. Can you think of any more??

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betty said...

I had fun reading these Robyn. Actually I've never watched the show so can't offer any more tips. It is kind of interesting concept for a show though; surprised its been on this long (but kind of like American Idol, surprised its on this long, but people still enjoy watching these types of shows, participating in them, etc.)