Wednesday, February 5, 2014

24 Weeks (Snow Day #2)

I had my 24 weeks ultrasound today and it went well. The little peanut showed us his goods lol. He was active and dramatic as well (hand to his head as if in exasperation). The doctor also explained where he was in my uterus so when I am feeling movement and kicks I can figure out if they are feet or punches or just his head moving.

As for me, I am doing pretty good. I still get really tired. I have various aches and pains. My bowels are doing better, though!! I have not had any increase in appetite yet. The baby is kicking and moving A LOT. My belly is growing.

Last week's mom class was on breastfeeding. TJ did not go with me lol. I learned a lot. I intend on breast feeding and pumping. They cancelled tonight's class due to weather.

Not much else to report at this time.

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betty said...

Wow, 24 weeks! May will be here before you know it! Great report!