Tuesday, February 11, 2014

25 Weeks

At #25 it sounds like this should be a more exciting week lol.

Constipation seems to have come back and I possibly have a hemorrhoid. It was not a fun afternoon at work lol. And while trying to relieve pressure on my behind I aggravated my sciatic nerve. The baby, however, did not notice any of this, and happily kicked away all day.

I have been noticing that the more active I am, the more active the baby is. I think when I rest more he rests more because I am not jostling him about lol.

On Sunday he was not very active at all. Until dinner time. Once I started eating he started kicking the crap out of me lol. I think it was the lemonade I was drinking. He also seems to really like Coke, especially when I have not had it for awhile. I was told it was the caffeine, but he does not act the same with Pepsi or Dr. Pepper!!

Last week my Mom class was cancelled due to the weather so I have nothing to report there. I believe this week's class is infant care. I really need to know how to cloth diaper and give a baby a bath!!

I am almost out of non maternity pants :( The ones I am wearing today are done for now and I only have 2 more that fit comfortably. I also have a couple of shirts that are getting to short to cover my belly.

That is it for this week!!

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betty said...

Another good report, Robyn! Wow 25 weeks! I think a lot of infant care comes with just doing it and getting the hang of it. Lots of trial and error at times, but it is good to get some education on it to then set up your own routine :)