Saturday, February 15, 2014

3 Parties and a Hibachi Dinner

And how was YOUR Valentine's Day???

Mine started out with teaching a reading class. The teacher was sick and it was kind of late to get a sub (she only has the one class and then does tutoring, which can be skipped) so she suggested to the principal that I could do it since I am the para in there with her everyday. I have done it before, too. I know the routine and the material is easy to follow. It is very structured. The principal agreed (but checked with me first!!). It was only 5 kids, but they were kind of nutty today lol. It was Valentine's Day, Friday, a full moon, plus, even though I am in there everyday, they were not used to me teaching ( the only "teaching ever do is to read a story and ask some questions). I was a little more lenient with them than usual, but after that hour and a half I was tired!!

In the afternoon I attended 3 classroom parties. The first was 2nd grade. They did theirs early since they go to other classes like PE at the end of the day. I brought pencils. I was good at this party and just had popcorn, a rice krispy treat and an apple!! Of course, earlier in the day I had had 2 brownies and a couple pieces of chocolate lol. I passed out pencils.

After that I went to 5th grade and they started their party early, too. I did not eat anythng, but I was on my feet a bit (like the 2nd grade party). and there was a birthday!! Then it was on to 4th grade for the final party. I had a strawberry. And was on my feet mostly.

What I took (minus the eggs. Those were for me!!)

What I brought home

When I got home I found this on the couch

I asked if it was for me or the baby and my husband said either lol. Then I found this on my nightstand

Definitely for me!

I really wanted to go out for dinner for Valentine's day as this will be our last one just the 2 of us. TJ does not like crowds (or waiting) and wanted to go tomorrow or next week, but I felt if we went early it would be ok. We headed over to Manhattan. His first choice was Olive Garden, but there was no parking close or sort of close and we could see people waiting inside so we decided to try UMI. We had to park in the adjacent lot (they share theirs with a couple other places and it was full). There were a couple people standing inside, but they must have been waiting for people or the restaurant side because they had immediate seating in the hibachi area (where they cook in front of you) which is what we wanted (that did not last long!!).


So we had an awesome dinner!! And the early time worked perfectly because I was tired and TJ had gone to work at 2:30 am and had to drive to Topeka and back for a VA appointment so he was tired, too!! On the way home we stopped at Baskin Robbins.

It was a very nice Valentine's Day, but very tiring lol.

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betty said...

It does seem like a tiring, but fun day! I like going to places like that where they cook in front of you; I bet it was good.

Great picture of the two of you!
(well technically the three of you :)