Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Kicks

I think my most favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling baby kicks!! It is the most awesome feeling in the world.

I think feeling the kicks is what really has made this pregnancy finally seem real to me. I have a daily reminder that there is a little one growing in my tummy. It is also weird to know there is a living thing in your stomach lol.

They are not all kicks, either. Sometimes they are punches or head butts. Right now he is upside down (he needs to stay that way!) so his head is towards the bottom of my abdomen. When I feel movement down there it is either his head I am feeling or he is raising his hands above his head and punching or pushing. If I feel him on the sides it is either his hands or an elbow poking me. At the top of my tummy near the top of my uterus it is either a good foot kick or a knee lol.

Sometimes the movement tickles or takes me by surprise and I laugh. If I put my hands on my tummy I can usually feel him as well, although I think he finds that a soothing gesture and will settle down lol.

I discovered last night that if the baby is positioned right and I press on my stomach I can feel either his knee or foot! It feels like a tiny little bump. He moves it pretty quickly after that, though.

My tummy still feels soft and more like fat, but it is growing and getting bigger!!

I like to think that when the peanut is kicking and pushing and poking on me that he is saying "I love you, Mommy!! I am here and healthy!" I like having that connection to the baby. It feels like a little miracle every time I feel him.

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betty said...

I think it is a little miracle just the way God ordained it for babies to be formed, born, etc. Kick away little one :)