Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently Supersized: January!!!

A day late, but I decided to do a bigger Currently for the end of the month

Current Book:

In the Blood and Melissa Explains it All

Current Music:

Trying to find stuff to listen to when I am labor. So far I have Neil Diamond, John Denver and randy Travis

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Hollywood Game Night!!!!! LOL

Current Favorite Show:

Hollywood Game Night!!!!

Current Wish/Needs:

To have an easy and decent bowel movement lol (TMI, I know)

Current Food:

Cracker barrel and my visiting teacher brought me soup :)

Current Drink:

Orange Juice!! Baby loves it.

Current Triumphs:

Getting my house fairly clean

Current Bane of Existence:

CVS pharmacy. I am not impressed and even more pissed than ever that Kollings merged with them.

Current Celebrity Blogger Crush:

Lincee and her ihategreenbeans Bachelor recaps!!

Current Indulgence:

I am pregnant I indulge in EVERYTHING lol.

Current Blessing:

The peanut in my tummy

Current Slang:

Holy Crap On a Cracker

Current Outfit:

Maternity jeans, maternity t-shirt, orange socks and my sneakers

Current Excitement:

My baby kicking

Current Mood:

Good since it is the weekend!!!

1 comment:

betty said...

I got to get out more, LOL, I have never heard of Hollywood Game Knight.

So glad the wee one is kicking up a storm and TJ got to feel him doing so!