Sunday, February 9, 2014

Labor Worries

Most pregnant women worry about the pain of giving birth, but this one....not so much. Which is ironic because normally I am a big wimp when it comes to pain!! So I am either blocking that part out or in total denial of how bad it will be. Or maybe it is because I have a 3 step plan for pain management (natural, drugs, epidural). I am not even concerned about a possible episiotomy. I would much rather be numbed up and have a clean cut than have the pain of natural tearing!!

What I AM worried about, though, is the pushing. And being tired. I am more concerned that I am going to have trouble pushing and be very worn out. I am going to be one of those people who says she can't push anymore. And I know my body will do it for me anyway, I am just so worried that I am going to be so tired. I am also worried about being tired throughout the labor and not being able to rest or sleep. And therefore not feeling up to the pushing.

I am also worried about being hungry. I do not handle hunger well. Do you know why you can't eat during labor? Because if they have to do an emergency C-section it is dangerous to have food in your system with the anesthesia, just like any surgery. I didn't know that. I thought it was because they didn't want you to poop!! (which you will most likely do anyway!!). Anyway, the longer you can stay at home with contractions the longer you can eat because once you get to the hospital it is only popsicles and ice chips! I have been told I can bring my own, though. I am bringing fruit bars. They have minimal fruit, though.

I once had a dream I was going into labor and wanted to stop by Subway first so I could eat something. This was before I was ever pregnant lol. Obviously this has been a concern for a very long time.

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betty said...

I would imagine these are "normal" concerns pregnant women have. What I would think is your doctor/nurses will be watching you closely and making sure you are in the best of health physically, emotionally, and mentally to deliver your wee one. So try to keep worry at bay and just enjoy knowing soon you'll get to meet your son face to face!