Monday, February 17, 2014

Mancat Monday With the Dirty Adventurer

Hello friends! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was awesome! First of all, Daddy moved the spare bed out of the baby's room to the craft room. I was looking forward to this because I knew he would have to prop up the mattresses and then I would get to get up high and maybe even try climbing door frames!! I thought he would then put the bed back together, but instead he leaned them against the wall and then he and mommy covered them with a comforter and left them!! Later Mommy added a sheet and some other stuff and said it was my new loft!!

It is so awesome. I also got to go outside a lot because it was warmer. And Mommy did not put a leash on me so I could go find my bunny friend. She said I had to come back when she called, but I always came back before she did!!

Unfortunately, the warmer temps meant snow melting which meant a muddy ground. And that meant muddy paws for me. Mommy told me to clean them, but I forgot and got on the couch so she yelled at me. I tried again, but they were really muddy so Mommy had to clean them which I did not like. She used ICY water!! I climbed on her and dug my claws in her back. She still kept cleaning, though. After she held me and kissed me and said she was sorry and then she gave me kitty treats so I forgave her. I had to go outside on a leash again, though.

Here are some pictures of me relaxing and looking good

Have a great week!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout! Your very own loft--totally awesome! :-D

What's wrong with muddy paws? We're still in a frozen wasteland, but in a few weeks (maybe), we'll get a chance to have muddy paws too. For some reason our human doesn't like it either, when we come in the house like that.