Monday, February 10, 2014

Mancat Monday With Slap Fight Scout

Hi friends! It is Monday again!! I wanted to show you some pictures from when my Daddy and I had a slap fight!! It was so much fun!

I have slap fights with Mommy, too, but she can't reach the ledge like Daddy can so I get to be the dominate one with Daddy!! There are really no winners or losers in slap fights because we are not trying to hurt each other. It is just to have fun! Although I might let a law or 2 slip on accident!

Do you have fun slap fights with your parents or furry friends???

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Our human used to play with Annie with her bare hands, though always got up and walked away when Annie got too wild (which never took long--ha). But she doesn't play like that with us, though she'll do something similar with one of our feathered sticks.