Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day #1

They called a snow day before we even left school yesterday!! This has only happened once before. Fearless Leader was pretty confident in what they were predicting about 7-10 inches was true. And it was!! It started after midnight and was still pretty tame early this morning, but continued through the day and was blowing.

I had trouble sleeping last night (which the peanut took advantage of by practicing some ninja kicks lol)so I slept late this morning. Scout joined me. I tried to let him outside when we got up but he would not have it lol.

TJ had to work, but got home around 2:30. By then the roads had gotten pretty bad. Bertha made it all the way to the driveway before she got stuck lol

She wants to go back to California now.

I got some laundry done, otherwise I was pretty lazy today like this guy

They called another snow day for tomorrow because although the snow will stop overnight, the wind will be kicking up and the windchill will be -15 in the morning. And roads will be bad.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow. TJ took the whole day off to go with me and he assures me he will have the car dug out by then! Or at least another path in the driveway cleared for the Mazda. Hopefully there will be some previously made tire tracks on our street we can drive in and the rest of the roads should be plowed.


betty said...

Wow, lots of snow! Looks pretty! Glad you had a snow day though to be able to relax :)

good that TJ will be driving you to your ultrasound appointment tomorrow!


Kea said...

We're in the middle of the storm now, it's been snowing since oh, the wee hours of the morning. Didn't seem too bad at 2:30AM or at 4:30AM when I got up, but by the time 6:45AM rolled around and I was leaving the house, it was nasty. Nasty all day and I think I'll have to rely on my own two feet to get me home (3 miles), because transit will be SO delayed.

I wish our uni would close, but they never do!

Good luck to TJ digging out and please be super-careful on the roads tomorrow.

P.S. Laughed at the ugly sheet reference. :-)