Wednesday, March 5, 2014

28 Weeks

I waited until today to do this because I had a doctor's appointment (which I will tell you ALL about lol). From here until May my appointments will be every 2 weeks!! That is because I am 7 months pregnant and in my 3RD TRIMESTER.

Only 3 more months to go. My belly continues to grow and the baby, too. He is kicking higher!! And harder lol. It has even almost hurt a couple times. He also pushes more and runs his foot and hand across my belly. And possibly I am feeling him move his head lol

I am still queasy every morning. I also had a cold that developed over the weekend and made me even queasier and dizzy yesterday. I did not even make it an hour at work. I was fine sitting on the couch at home, but I guess being up and walking around was too much :( I called out today, too. I have the next 2 days off, too.

I only have one pair of non maternity pants that fit and am getting lower on non maternity shirts :) On the flip side, I have one pair of maternity pants that are too big!! The band in them keeps them up, but the crotch hangs down and it looks like I wearing them like those teenage boys do lol. I am calling those my 9 month pants.

Speaking of 9 husband's reserve unit has decided to have a Dining Out May 17!! That is only 10 days before my due date! A Dining Out is a fancy dinner. One step below a ball. It is mandatory, but my husband said his sergeant is looking at getting him excused because of my pregnancy. I figure if I am in labor it won't be a problem! But I told TJ that as long as I am not there is no reason he can't go and if I am supposed to go to, I am willing, but I may not be able to dress too fancy. I have a black maternity skirt I can wear, but no fancy maternity shirts, but I can dress something up with jewelry.

Now, on to what you have been waiting doctor's appointment!!! This was a "special" one. It was the 28 week glucose test!

First of all, I was not allowed food or drink 2 hours prior. I thought I couldn't have water, either, but I could. I had drifted back to sleep and forced myself to get up to eat before the 2 hours, but I was still struggling until I could eat again.

The first thing they had me do at the doctor's office (after the weigh in and pee) was drink the awesome glucola lol. Actually, it wasn't bad. It was lemon-lime flavored and tasted like lemonade. And it was cold. Then, I had to wait an hour for a blood draw. Still no eating!! I had my regular appointment, went and paid an outstanding bill I had with the hospital for previous labs and checked in to the lab to get my blood drawn. They were busy, but since I had to wait an hour anyway it all worked out. I also got pre-registered for labs for when I go to labor and delivery.

I am waiting on the results of the test. Hopefully I passed and will not have to do the 3 hour test. Oh, I should probably also mention that this test is to see if I have gestational diabetes. Completely routine at 28 weeks (if they suspected it before I would have had it earlier).


Kim said...

When do they give you the Strep B culture?

betty said...

I do hope you and TJ get a chance to go to the dinner on May 17th. Might be the last time out and about like that for a bit! Wow 28 weeks! It really is going by fast! Bet it will seem to go by a bit faster too with you going in every 2 weeks to the doctor!