Tuesday, March 11, 2014

29 Weeks

Almost to the 30s!!

Lots of movement in my belly. I have definitely noticed a difference. Less kicking and more pushing and dragging across my belly lol. It's awesome.

I was getting more queasy and dizzy last week because of the cold, but am feeling better this week. I have been told, though, that some symptoms, like nausea, return in the 3rd trimester. I have pretty much been nauseous the whole time, but am able to control it with Zofran so it has not been a big problem. Other symptoms that are supposed to be "returning" are sore breasts and frequent peeing, but I have had those the whole time, too!!

I am beginning to feel the added weight of baby, even though he is probably only about 2 pounds. I do not feel very big, though, except when having to get out of bed. I have been told that I do not look 7 months pregnant several times. I say it is because I was already fat lol. I am told I look good, though. I think I am up 12 pounds. It is so funny, because normally I gain weight easily. I thought I was going to gain so much more so I am not complaining!!

We set a little more of the nursery up after I bought some stuff. It is coming along slowly. After posted on Facebook about what I bought one of my cousins told me to stop buying stuff and let the family get me what I want or need lol. I told her there is still plenty!! My family shower will not be until the end of April. I am trying to buy some of the bigger things or stuff I find on sale. Or can always use more of.

Scout did rediscover the car seat (with a different kitty friendly blanket over it) and is back to sleeping in that. I do not mind as the blanket protects it and he is comfy.

Next week's post will be on Wednesday after my Dr. appt (remember I am on 2 week visits now!). Oh! I have not heard back about the glucose test so I consider that good!


betty said...

That is probably good news that you didn't hear about the glucose test. Time is marching on :)


FootPrints said...

Oh My Goodness!! 29 weeks!! so excited for you!