Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30 Weeks

Holy Cow!! 30's!! The last stretch!! Hopefully it is a 10 week stretch, not 8!!

It looks like at 7 months I have finally popped and finally look pregnant, not just fat!!

Although when I sit it kind of still looks like I have a big fat roll lol

The peanut is still moving like crazy. Kicking, stretching, and punching. I love him so much. I will miss these belly movements when he is out.

Now onto today's OB appointment....

It went really well. I am up 15 pounds, which the doctor says is good. She says I have been doing really well with everything else, including blood pressure :) Oh, and I passed my glucose test!!! Which I kinda figured since I had not heard anything lol. I will not be having any more ultrasounds unless there is a concern or they cannot determine baby's position closer to my due date, which I think is going to be the case since she was having trouble today lol. She thinks he may be butt down. He seems to turn over a lot, though.

TJ and I have also been in name negotiations. He gave me a list of names and I narrowed them down. Then he added 2 more MIDDLE names and a variation on another name. I eliminated one of the middle names, so we were up to 5. Last night we agreed on a first name :) Now we need to determine the middle. I am not ready to share, yet.

Oh, and today we picked up our incentive gift for attending the Becoming A Mom classes. We chose a stroller. Not for an infant, but for when he gets older. It is an umbrella style, but not the cheap kind.

My baby shower is this weekend. I will have pictures after.

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betty said...

You look great!! Its always fun to come up with names; I'm sure the name will be just about perfect for your wee one! Glad all continues to go well!