Tuesday, March 25, 2014

31 Weeks

Is it May yet????? I went back to work yesterday and I am sooooo tired lol. And I am starting to feel heavy. He is only at 3 pounds, but I can feel it lol. Getting up is when I really feel it. And when my bladder is full (which is ALL THE TIME).

He is still kicking away!! And stretching and poking. It is fun. Except when I am trying to go to sleep lol. I usually have to lie propped up on my back (because I cannot lie flat) to start because if I am on my side he feels squished and kicks and squirms a lot. I think I will soon be spending many nights on the couch because when I lie on my left side I can then have support on my back and take pressure off my belly.

I started reading to him every night and Scout enjoys that, too!! He will come into the nursery from wherever he is and either lie on my legs or next to the rocker while I read.

I have also let him lie on or against my belly sometimes. The other day I felt the baby kick him, but he didn't move, but then a little while later he suddenly bolted lol. Not sure he likes those kicks or not. When I am on the couch, though and he wants to snuggle he seems to have no problem.

I am still not feeling like eating for 2and I take Zofran for nausea every day. I am also starting to feel more aches and pains. I am not complaining, though, because I know it just means I am getting closer to birthing this peanut!!

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betty said...

So sweet you are reading to your wee one, great habit to get into and continue on (that was my favorite time of the day reading to them :)

getting so excited for you and TJ!