Saturday, March 29, 2014

KC Day Trip

On Thursday TJ had an appointment at the VA hospital in Kansas City, MO (I will explain in another post). I took a personal day off of work to go with him in case he was not able to drive back. I have never taken a whole personal day before. I have taken maybe a couple hours of personal time, but then I lose the rest of them so this time I saved it for when I really needed it. And they were able to get a sub for me because I let them know in advance (which you have to do for a personal day).

ANYWAY, it occurred to me that I had not taken any recent pictures of KC (I haven't even been there since last summer) so I would on this day trip.

First of all, we take highway driving and day tripping VERY seriously

Potty/ DD break

The beautiful KC skyline and crossing the river into Missouri

We stopped for lunch at Café Gratitude, my favorite vegan restaurant. I got my regular, the I Am Present (Brushetta)

And my new favorite, I Am Dazzling (Caesar salad with olive tapenade)

TJ got his regular, I Am Grounded (potatoes with "nacho cheese")

And tried a creamsicle shake, which he really liked

Café Gratitude is in the Crossroads Art District

A few doors down is a hardware/vintage shop, which was closed, but had some awesome stuff n the window

After that we headed up Main and Truman to get back on the Interstate. I took some pictures

We spent the next few hours at the VA. Afterwards we called our friend, Dennis (Miss K's dad) who works in KC during the week to see if he wanted to have dinner with us. We met at Crown Center and had Greek food. Afterwards he took us to see the building he has done HVAC work on. On the way I took pictures on Grand Blvd

This is the Garment District of KC. It used to have many clothes factories. It is being revitalized with restaurants and apartments. I had a few Ted Mosby* moments looking at all the awesome architecture

This is the building our friend worked on. It is an old dress making factory. He wanted to show us the inside, but his key did not work. It is an awesome looking building

Before we left TJ needed to make a pit stop

Before we got back on the Interstate I took one last picture of a mural in the River District (which is where City Market is located and is walking distance from the Garment District)

So that was our KC adventure

*Did you get my Ted Mosby reference????


Fuzzy Tales said...

I didn't get the reference, had to Google.

But I did like the names of the dishes at the vegan restaurant...I am Grounded for a potato dish...hahaha. Love it.

Also love the shop window cat! :-)

Hope all is well with your hubby.

betty said...

I didn't get it either. From some movie? I too liked the name of the entries at the restaurant. I think I would have had to try what TJ got; looked good. Good day trip; hope the appointment went well at the VA.