Monday, March 3, 2014

Mancat Monday With Baby Tester Scout

Hi friends and happy March!! This is a very special month for me as Mommy will tell you about later this week. In the meantime I have been busy helping mommy and daddy set up my brother's nursery and testing stuff out for him!

We got a crib from our Florida family and Daddy put it together. since we do not have a mattress yet he put a couple things in it to store like the carseat. I decided to test it out and I approve!! They did not want my cat hair in it so the covered it with a blanket which made it even more comfy!! So now I like to lay in it in the crib. I know my brother will like it after he is born

The best thing is when Mommy goes into the nursery to sit in the rocker and read to the baby and I can listen to her while sleeping in the car seat. Previously I tested out his vibrating chair and I approved of that, too!! Wonder what I can test next???


Fuzzy Tales said...

Excellent job of testing, Scout! We bet you'll be invaluable to your mom when your brother comes.

betty said...

LOL, Scout. I bet that vibrating chair was fun!