Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 2014 Goals

Hello March!! It seems like it will be coming in like a lion with a winter storm starting later today. Right now it is just gray and blah. Perfect time to do some cleaning!

My goals for this month are...
1. Organize the nursery
2. Whole house cleaning during Spring Break
3. Get taxes done

Let's see how I did for February...
1. Make some valentines NOPE
2. Get candy for all the classes I work in for V-Day Done, except one class I got pencils for lol
3. Have TJ move the spare bed into the spare/craftroom

Good for me!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

I like that you set goals and follow up like this, whether you've completed them or not. :-)

betty said...

Good to keep them simple still and not many of them.