Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Much Better

Usually I get my hair done 3 times a year....before school starts, Christmas and summer vacation. I skipped Christmas because I was still feeling blah, had a cold, and did not think I could sit through a color and cut.

I had planned to get my hair cut a couple months ago for a cut a thon, but we had a winter storm that day :(

In the meantime my bangs got out of hand, my gray has been taking over and it was too long to manage properly.

So I decided I would get it done yesterday.

I did the same color as last time, got my bangs cut and 2 inches off. It still looks long!! I cannot believe how long it had gotten (sorry, no before pictures).

I made my next appointment for the day of TJ's dining out. I will touch up the color, get another cut and a style for the evening. I will also do my annual eyebrow waxing :) That will be my summer appointment and will hopefully be before the baby comes!!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

It looks great, love the colour! :-)

betty said...

Looks great! Nothing better than hair cut and color I think!