Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Project Life 2014 -- January and February

I caught up this month's Project Life through February. I am not doing weekly spreads, just going with what I have as you will see from these spreads. I am being selective about photos rather than collaging them. The first half of the year will probably have a A LOT of cat pictures lol.

I am using the Jade Album this year

The cover page. I will add a picture of the baby after he is born

I really liked those fruit print papers and I thought that since I was having a baby the theme could be "fruitful" lol

January spreads

I made a title card for January, Scout picture, screen shot of my Dr reid New Years resolution on the Criminal Minds Facebook page, cards I made and a selfie

Hog Christmas party, note from my principal, and Scout

For titles I used blue stickers(mostly) since that is a color I associate with January and since it is winter I used the snowflake stickers throughout (still using!!)


A whole page of Scout!!

February title card, snow days and Valentines

I switched over to red letters lol. Still using the snowflakes.


2 pages for just Valentines day!

I put most of my valentines in the bag and slipped it into the long pocket (I bought the wrong packet of pocket protectors AGAIN). I also needed a filler card so I used a couple of quotes in my stash.

I used pink letters on this page. 2 Scout pictures (one wth me!), TJ acting like Scout and the craftroom reorganization.

I am liking how it is turning out and that it is not overwhelming.

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Kim said...

Now you're giving me motivation to catch up to you. Looks good!