Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scrapbooking Surprise.

I told you yesterday I was at a fabulous scrapbooking crop. I knew it would be fabulous because it was my friend, Bobbi's, Relay For Life Crop, which she put on last year, too. Last year I also helped because I was on her team. This year, unfortunately, I can not participate in the relay since it is a few days after my due date :) But I was able to go to the crop!

When I got to the crop I found that there were blue balloons on my chair held on by a baby outfit :). It was from one of my scrapbooking friends. Another friend gave me another cute outfit. But the biggest surprise is that they had planned a little baby shower for me later in the day!! I was very surprised. And grateful. I love my scrapbooking friends so much.

Here a couple pictures....

I have some group ones, too, but out of privacy I am not going to post those.

I got another cute outfit and a gift card.

I also got a lot of work done. I caught up on my pregnancy album, baby scrapbook and baby book plus I made these for the nursery drawers and baskets

I also did a little shopping while I was in town. I found Winnie the Pooh shower decorations at Party America!!! Then I went to Babies R Us. I went in for more storage baskets. Then I found they were having a sale on breastfeeding accessories so I got a few things. And pacifiers. And hangers. Then found that bedding accessories and pads were on sale so I got a waterproof pad and a changing table pad. Then I found a really cute crib mattress (not on sale, but a good price and the last one) and some waterproof covers. So I got all that lol.

It was a very good day!

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betty said...

What a nice surprise with the shower! You are looking good!