Friday, March 7, 2014

The Vet Report 2014 Part 1 - Check-Up


Mama: I am getting too old for this stuff

Scout: Me, too. Let's not do it anymore

Mama: Soooo.....I gave Scout plenty of warning and at about 10:15 got him up to go

Scout: She put a leash on me and put me in that awful car. I HATE the car!!

Mama: Of course he cried ALL THE WAY to the vet. Luckily it is less than 5 minutes away. And then when we got there he cried as loud as he could when we went in.

Scout: I like them to know I am there.

Mama: We had a short wait in the waiting room while Scout explored a little and continued to cry.

Then they took him back and weighed him. He lost weight and is at 9 pounds. Next we went into the blue room to wait for his exam. At first he just wanted to sit on my lap

Scout: Mommy's lap is nice. And safe.

Mama: I tried to get him to play on the cool cat ledges...

Scout: They were not fun. They did not go very high.

Mama: I also showed him a cool little kitty house with some toys on it but he hissed at it!!

Scout: It smelled like another cat

Mama: He ended up just sitting next to my chair. He was quiet there. Just sat and stared.

We had a very long wait, but it gave him time to calm down. When the assistant came in he was very good for her while she listened to his heart and lungs and took his temperature.

Scout: She stuck a stick up my butt!!

Mama: I was impressed at how well he handled that. She tried to give him some cat treats, but he didn't want them.

Scout: I wasn't hungry. And they were heart shaped. Too pretty to eat.

Mama: we had a new vet today. Scout seemed to like her. Until he started growling during his exam.

Scout: She was poking and prodding me!! But she did say I had pretty markings :)

Mama: She said that Scout has some tarter buildup on his teeth. She also thinks he may have a heart murmur, but it may have been stress related, and she suspects hyperthyroidism. He is going to have some blood work in about a week.

Scout: Mommy said I did not have to have my teeth cleaned because she did not want to stress me out, but she is concerned about the tarter. If I have a heart murmur I do not have to have it because they don't want to give me anesthesia!!

Mama: I really do not want to put the stress on him with the baby coming and all. Or the stress on me!! I hope he does not have a heart murmur, though. Or hyperthyroidism. But he is getting older and that is somewhat normal. And can be controlled with medication.

Scout: I don't want medication. And I am done going to the vet.

Mama: Overall he was pretty good. Except when he just started randomly hissing and growling at the door. And when we left and passed the recovery cages and he hissed at the cat in there and was growling and carrying on

Scout: One of the office cats was outside the door and I was hissing at the recovery room and cages, not the cat. I hate those cages. I felt sorry for the cat. He was also out of it.

Mama: we are both happy to be home now


Fuzzy Tales said...

Yikes! Scout, we're so sorry you had to go. We can relate. We're impressed you don't need a PTU, though. Our human can't imagine us loose in a taxi, even on a leash.

We're crossing our paws for you for a good report re: the upcoming blood work. Yes, hyper-t can be controlled with medication, but medication has its down side and not to scare anyone, the average life expectancy of a cat on hyper-t meds is only a few years (that's from various vet-written info). Note that's "average," and we suspect it's probably more because hyper-t can mask other health issues.

There's tons of GOOD info on the web (vet-written, we mean, as well as non-vet), though we hope your mom won't need to do research on this at all!

Fuzzy Tales said...

P.S. Annie had hyper-thyroidism, so I'd had to do a lot of research on it then (she was diagnosed in Sep 2009).

There used to be an excellent feline hyper-t Yahoo group, probably still is around, terrific info, if you need it. And fingers crossed you won't.

betty said...

I think the well baby check ups are going to be a piece of cake for you, Robyn, after having to deal with Scout and his antics at the vet. Koda loves his visits to the vet, but then it involves treats and he's a corgi who lives for food so its all good.

All in all sounded like a good visit; I would think both conditions if he has them would be somewhat manageable with meds?