Monday, March 17, 2014

The Vet Report 2014 Part 2 -- Blood Work


Mama: We had a rough night.

Scout: Mama starved me for days!!

Mama: despite being tired I stayed up until 9 to give Scout time to eat one more time before I pulled his food AND I let him have one last drink of water about 10:30, after I had gone to bed!

Scout: yeah, that was nice.

Mama: he bugged me all night and this morning.

Scout: I was starving!!

Mama: finally it was time to go to the vet. Scout cried the whole way there.

Scout: I. HATE. THE. CAR.

Mama: Anyway..... he also cried when we went into the vet. He likes to announce his presence.

Scout: yep

Mama: I was going to let him explore the waiting room, but he tried to get onto a shelf of dog food to hide. Luckily they took us back right away.

Scout: They left the door open and we had a visitor.

Mama: I guess they forgot. Anyway, the office cat walked in to say hi and Scout hissed at him

Scout: I thought maybe he was a new doctor and he did not look competent.

Mama: you've seen him before, Scout. He also greeted us when we came in.

Scout: Yeah, well, you petted him, and you were supposed to be petting ME.

Mama: So, after the cat left and they closed the door, the assistant came in and weighed Scout and listened to his heart and took his temperature

Scout: Up my butt!!!! And she kept calling me "kid"
Mama: Scout actually did pretty well. Then he went to have his blood drawn.

Scout: They would not let Mommy come with me and I was kinda worried. But guess what??? Instead of shaving my leg they shaved my neck!! It's awesome. I look like I got in a knife fight!

Mama: they said he did good

Scout: I did!!!! I was good!! As long as they don't put me in those cages I can be good. I really can.

Mama: When Dr Arneson called later with his results she confirmed he was a good boy. We agree that the cages make Scout ornery. In fact, when we were leaving he growled at them, again.

Scout: yeah. Sorry to the dog that was in there.

Mama: he was quiet on the way home. I gave him his food right away and some water. Then he lied down in my bed and then switched to his car seat bed.

Scout: It was good to be home.

Mama: His labs came back good. No hyperthyroidism or anything else. They are not sure what caused his weight loss and told me to let them know of I notice any adverse changes in him. But he has been just fine!

Scout: yep! No more vet!!!!!!!

Mama: until next year...

(Scout will resume his normal Mancat posts next week)


betty said...

Glad that the blood tests came out fine. Koda's weight fluctuates a bit up and down, I think for him its the amount of snacks he might get :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, ugh, another vet trip. Bleh. But you did well, and we are beyond THRILLED the blood work came back fine! We can't remember how much weight you've lost...maybe your mom just needs to feed you more! ;-)