Wednesday, April 2, 2014

32 Weeks

And with that I am 8 months!! Only 2 more months to go. I am in no hurry, though. I like feeling the baby move inside me. The only discomfort I have been experiencing this past week is some sciatic nerve pain, tiredness, and trying to get comfortable when I go to bed. And my feet hurt.

I started getting sciatic nerve pain back in the 1st trimester, but it was pretty minor. Into the 2nd trimester I was mostly getting it when sitting too long and could relive it by getting up and walking around. If I lay too long on my left side it would get numb. Starting last Friday it has been acting up a lot, even when I go to bed at night. Guess the baby is putting pressure on it. On both sides. The doctor suggested I get a Maternity Binder (like a brace for your hips and stomach) and wrote a prescription, but insurance does not cover it. However, the sales tax was waived with the prescription!

I have a lot of trouble getting comfortable at night. I try to lie on my side, but the baby wants me on my back. So I have to find a comfortable back position. Then the cat comes in bed and wants to lie on me lol. It can take up to an hour to get comfortable and fall asleep sometimes. Usually what helps is putting my hands on my belly and feeling the baby. I think that helps us both relax.

I notice my feet are hurting more and it is getting harder to stand for longer periods of time. It is also getting harder to sit in the kid size chairs at school lol. Even the 4th grade ones!!

I also have pressure in my lower left front side and sometimes it hurts. It sometimes feels like gas and I thought it was the baby's butt or head pushing on it, but the doctor thinks it is round ligament pain. I still think the pressure is the baby's butt or head lol.

The last thing is I am more tired. I am usually okay in the morning, but by the last hour of work I am exhausted and am a lump when I get home! Yet I still have trouble going to sleep at night!!

But I am still in no hurry to have this baby!!!!

I am up 19 pounds :( Was hoping to keep it to 20, but now I am hoping to keep it under 30.

I have given up wearing pajamas and am exclusively wearing night gowns or nightshirts to bed.

Still not feeling like eating for 2.

That is it for this week.

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betty said...

For me, this time has gone by really fast as you've been doing weekly reports. Sounds like things continue to go well!