Tuesday, April 8, 2014

33 Weeks

So, 7 weeks left until baby and 6 weeks left of work (I am taking the last week off).

So, how am I feeling this week?? TIRED. EXHAUSTED. The sciatic nerve pain and arm pain (possibly swelling) has reduced, BUT I am still so tired. I even napped this weekend and slept n a bit, but it did not help too much. I also have a really hard time falling asleep at night, even though I am exhausted.

The baby likes to play when I go to bed lol. I read, though, that they are more active when you lie down because they have more room to stretch out and you are still. During the day if you are walking around and moving it lulls them to sleep. Also, when you are active you don't notice them as much. My peanut has been pretty active all day though lately lol. And he can kick HARD. I was lying in bed on Saturday and he kicked so hard (repeatedly) that the whole bed shook!! It did not hurt, though.

I hear most people who are at this stage of pregnancy just want to be done and meet their baby. Not me! I am cool with him staying in a little longer. But I would like to be done with work and housecleaning and all and just sleep and relax all day!! Until the baby comes.

Tomorrow I am gong to get my toes done!! They are a mess and not flip flop ready. I am getting Gelly toes to help get them into shape because I have a feeling I will be getting to the point where flip flops will be the only shoes I can wear comfortably or get on my feet lol.

I am beginning to notice that in addition to feeling the baby A LOT I can also see my belly moving pretty good. I am also starting to get more protective of it. I will let most people feel it if they ask, but I have stopped letting one of the kids at school touch it because she was mostly poking and pushing on it!!

I am not waddling yet, but I definitely feel like I lead with my stomach when I walk!! It doesn't even stick out that much lol.

One last thing. TJ let his sergeant know we are planning to go to the Dining Out unless I am in labor or have had the baby already. We had to put in our dinner order so we are now committed, big belly, swollen ankles and all!!! LOL

Dr. Appointment next week!!

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betty said...

Good idea to get your toes done before the baby is born! I never get it why people think they should be able to touch a pregnant woman's stomach; husbands and loved ones yes if okay by the mom to be, but not acquaintances, friends, or strangers; kind of like people who think they can pet any dog they see.....