Wednesday, April 16, 2014

34 Weeks

I swear, I think my belly doubled in size last week!! LOL. I can still see my feet, but I cannot see my lower belly while standing up. Despite that I lost 2 pounds since my last doctor's visit!! Maybe I will keep that weight gain to 20 pounds after all.

So, fun stuff this week......

1. I am exhausted. Every day. I have trouble getting up in the morning and struggle the first hour or so of work and then the last hour of work. Come home and do nothing. The doctor asked if I wanted to go to half days, but I am not sure I can do that with my job. Gonna look into it. My goal right now is to make it through April and then see how I am feeling in May. I will also begin weaning down on Celexa at that time.

2. I am achy after working. And sometimes in the morning. Round ligaments and sciatic nerve pain and just other random muscle aches and stuff. I have a maternity band, but it is cumbersome and uncomfortable and the baby does not like it. I try to sit as much as I can, but some of those chairs are too small!!

3. I had an epic tension headache last night. I have never had one that bad. I have had a sinus headache as bad or possibly worse once, but not a tension. I know it was from stress.

4. I had yet another cold.

At my doctor's appointment today:

1. Blood pressure is good. Which means it did not cause my tension headache. Which is good.

2. I lost 2 pounds!! But my baby and belly are bigger.

3. I got a whooping cough vaccine

4. At my next appointment she will check for dilation. She said that she expects I will start contracting (which is typical at 34 weeks). I keep waiting for those Braxton Hicks, but nothing yet. However I do feel other various cramps and stretching lol.

5. Baby is head down, which is what I suspected from his movements. But she has not been able to tell before.

I have one more 2 week appointment, then I go to weekly.

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betty said...

This is so exciting! The end is so near in sight! Hope you can see about half days; that sounds like a good option at this point in time. When does school get out there?