Tuesday, April 22, 2014

35 Weeks

Boy, this past week has brought some really fun stuff with it lol

1. Tension Headache. Actually I talked about that last week

2. Heartburn. I have only had heartburn once before in my life. But it is common in pregnancy, apparently. I was lucky to escape it up until now. I combatted it with milk, Fro-Yo, and Tums. And a Zofran.

3. Leg Cramp. I have had these before, but not in pregnancy and it was the worst one ever. I was literally screaming. Luckily my husband knew what to do. My instinct was to keep stretching it out. WRONG. You have to bend your leg and my husband also massaged it. It took a few tries because it kept tensing up. The next couple days my calf was sore.

4. Lower abdominal cramps. Not cramps like menstrual cramps, but like strained muscles. And they are not contractions. I think it is just the weight of the baby and stretching. Peanut is really good about kicking and punching the worst one on my lower left side lol. I think that is why it hurts most...because it is the one he mostly puts pressure on anyway. I guess instead of cramps I should call them aches lol. I especially feel them when getting up from sitting.

5. Arm ache from shot. Remember that whooping cough vaccine I got last week? Well, it had a nasty side effect of an achy arm. No swelling or redness or anything, it was just sore for a few days when I moved it. Like a booster shot.

6. Extreme tiredness. Even with a 4 day weekend I was sleeping A LOT. If I do not go to half days, I really do not see how I am going to make it through May lol. My goal is to make it through the first week while we still have testing. I do not know how I have been doing it up until now!! The aches may do me in first lol.

I am pretty much exclusively in maternity shirts now, too. My belly keeps doubling lol. Pretty soon I will only being wearing dresses to work! Or anywhere for that matter! And my shorts because they have a big stretchy belly band in it. Oh, I forgot about those 9 month pants I have!!

Still no contractions. The doctor said she expects they will be starting (Braxton Hicks), but I've got nothing lol. Of course, my body is not normal. I will probably not get any.

I received some great handmade baby stuff this week from a girl at church. 2 hats, a blanket and lap pads. And someone else gave me clothes :) I finally broke down and washed all the new stuff plus the new newborn and 0-3 months clothes. After next weekend I am going to start purchasing what is left on my registries that I must have. I'd also like to start cleaning up the 2nd hand items (swings and such) I received and finish getting the nursery in order. The other day I ordered a toy bin/organizer on line, but it is not going to hold toys just yet!! I have another plan for it and will show you once it gets set up!!

5 weeks to go!!

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betty said...

It is literally around the corner! Can you get disability if you go out of work now? Like have the doctor say you aren't able to work? I know you want to try to finish out as much as you can, but believe you me, you'll want to get as much rest as you can now :)