Wednesday, April 30, 2014

36 Weeks

Oh what a fun one this is turning out to be!!!! LOL

I am officially in my 9th month!!!!!! And it looks like it will be a full month.

I had my appointment today. I am now going weekly. I had my Group B Strep test which was quite uncomfortable, but quick!! They said that if the results are positive the lab will send them back sooner because it needs to go in your file for the birth, but if it is negative they will take their time. If I have GBS it will not affect me at all, but it can be passed to baby during birth and be extremely harmful to him. To combat this they give you antibiotics in your IV during labor. Hopefully I do not have it!

I am not dilated at all. I kept saying I thought he would be early since my original due date was May 19th, but now I am thinking he will be late. I asked the doctor at what point she would induce and she said after 41 weeks. Maybe he will be born on my mom's birthday after all!!!

The pain I have been having below my belly is round ligament pain. The OB suggested ice, heat and Tylenol. I know regular Tylenol doesn't work because I took it today for headache and it did nothing for the round ligament pain. Maybe extra strength will work (she said I can take it). Will also try ice and heat, but that only is feasible at home, not work :(

I am cutting my Celexa dosage in half starting tonight. Also stopping caffeine as that can make anxiety worse.

I was told by 2 people last week that I have the pregnancy waddle. I think it is because I move so slow. Because I am in pain.

I still have one pair of non maternity pants that fits (well, if I do not zip it all the way). Some regular shirts are still fitting, too. I finally ordered a maternity bra. I will get more, but wanted to see how it fits, first.

I have everything I need for the hospital bags and will do a blog post on that soon.

Here are pictures I took the other day from a top view. I am leaning over a little in the second.

Oh, and my belly button has disappeared!! It's a flattie!!!! I hope it stays that way because having an outtie kinda freaks me out (no offense if you have one).

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betty said...

Loved your last line about your belly button; innie here :)

Good visit! Nice to know too that you will go weekly from this point on; won't be long, even if it is 5 more weeks :)