Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Different Summer

The other night I was thinking about this coming summer and how it is going to be different from all the other summers I have spent here in Kansas.

Since moving to Kansas I have had the summers off. The first year I did not work, then I stated working in a school. Even when I worked summer school it was only half a day and only for 3 weeks. So my summers have been free.

This one will be, too, as I am not working, BUT there will be one major change... a baby!!

So, there will be certain things I will not be able to do as I did before.

The big one is swimming. This depressed me. I love to go to the pool in the summer. However, I thought about it some more and realized my husband does have Wednesdays off so I could go on that day for a little while. At about 2 months I can take my son for some water time. I would like t do this and get him used to the water early and get him swim lessons as soon as possible. My parents took me to the apartment pool as a baby and I always loved pools, but I did not have lessons until I was 10 and I was scared of going underwater and the deep end. I do not want my son to be scared.

We usually take some sort of vacation. I get tired just thinking of attempting this with a baby!! Even a short one. So, no vacation.

We like to go to the local summer league baseball games. Maybe we can catch one.

Sundown Salute at 4th of July. Wouldn't you know that they have an awesome lineup of bands this year??? But that is too loud to take a baby to!! We will probably take him during the day to just walk around, though. And I plan to do the 1 mile fun run (mostly walking, though). I would also really like to have a party again this year, but not sure I will feel up to getting the house in order.

Sleeping in. Yeah, not gonna be doing that for a looooong time!!

Instead, this summer is going to be filled with diapers and feedings and baby snuggles and getting to know my son and establishing a new routine. It will be a whole new adventure and I am looking forward to it!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

I don't know what age you can travel with a baby, but assuming there are no health issues, why not, other than the inconvenience of having more baggage to take along, more frequent stops, etc.? Am I being dense? LOL. I do know people who travel with their babies (my stylist is one, he's already travelled by plane several times with them, from some months old to now at just over 2 yrs). Mind you, it's not fun if the baby is fussy and is screaming the entire time. LOL.

betty said...

We traveled 3000 miles by car with a 3-1/2 year old and a 2 month old to Washington, DC for my sister's wedding back in 1989. We were insane, but it worked. However, I did have the luxury of my husband working as purchasing manager at a hospital and he was able to get from reps free formula and disposable nipples, so I didn't have to worry about sterilizing bottles, nipples, etc. Feed the baby and threw the bottle away the next time we stopped, same with disposable diapers. The hardest part was he got tired being in the car seat for so long and would fuss and there was nothing I could do about that except plan to stop sooner than we wanted to.

But yes, vacation is probably out this year. The good thing is you have the freedom to plan your days (or try to plan your days as much as you can with a newborn). When he sleeps, you sleep if you are tired.