Monday, April 28, 2014

ManCat Monday With Scout's Pity Party

I have had a rough weekend, friends. First of all, Mommy and Daddy were gone FUREVER on Saturday. They brought home some stuff for my brother, but I have yet to inspect it. I did try another inspection of the crib and I slipped and nearly fell on the blankets on the railing!! And I also tried inspecting this really cool thing in the closet that made music when I walked on it and Mommy pulled me out!!

The night before I wanted to go outside so baaaaddddd. I wanted to eat some grass. But Mommy would not get up!! She said it was too early (it was 5am!!). I tried and tried jumping on her, messing with stuff, crying and NOTHING. Then, when she finally did get up it was pouring rain. I could not get to my grass without getting wet :(

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy were in the garage and opened the door to the air conditioning and heating and I discovered a little space I could go under, but they made me get out! Then they opened the garage door so they could see better. They forgot I was in the garage, too so I went out!!! I was having fun exploring when Daddy came and picked me up and made me go in!!!

The final thing was when I was tryng to take a nice sun nap. Mommy interrupted me to take some pictures

Here's hoping for a less rough week!!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Gees, Scout, you *did* have a very difficult weekend! (BTW, one of your humans ought to have gone out in the rain and brought you in some grass. Just saying.)

We hope you have a sunny and dry week, with lots of outdoor time!