Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Love Affair With Rocky Part 1

When I was in college, one afternoon after classes I watched Oprah and she surprised her audience with a trip to Philadelphia. On the bus someone asked if they were going to run up the Rocky steps (art museum) and so they did. I had never seen the movie, but was familiar with that scene and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Not long after that my roommate (BFF Bonnie) and I were in our dorm room on a Saturday and we turned on the TV to find a Sylvester Stallone movie on. I thought at first it was Rocky, but it turned out to be about arm wrestling lol. However, Rocky came on after so we decided to watch it. I wanted to see him run up the art museum steps.

I ended up falling in love with the movie. It became mine and Bonnie's favorite. After it Rocky 3 came on then Rocky 5 (which is not that great). We were hooked. Two days later we rented Rocky 2 and 2 days after that we went to rent 4 and I ended up buying the VHS set.

What I absolutely love about Rocky is the romance. I know it is supposed to be a sports movie, but Sylvester Stallone saw it as more than that and added the love story of Rocky and Adrian. That is what hooked me. I think it was one of the most romantic movies ever made. And they are such imperfect people. Yet they see something in each other. Now Rocky is quite handsome , but at first Adrian, while not ugly, is very homely. Plus she is painfully shy and most guys would not even give her a second look, but Rocky is persistent because he sees something in her. And that is what makes it so wonderful. Because she is really beautiful, inside and out and she comes to see that in herself. My heart feels like it is going to burst every time I watch the scene where Rocky takes off her glasses and then kisses her.

Another aspect of the movies I love is that Rocky really and truly cannot fight his best without Adrian's blessing, although this is not as obvious in the first movie. In the subsequent ones, though, he only halfheartedly trains and believes in himself until she either gives her blessing or a pep talk. In the first movie, however, you will notice that things do not really happen for rocky until after his romance with Adrian begins. I believe this was absolutely intentional on Stallone's part to show how powerful love is and can help you believe in yourself. Adrian also blossoms and is finally able to stand up to her brother, Pauly.

One more awesome thing about the romance is that after the epic fight the only thing Rocky can think about is seeing Adrian. She did not sit in the audience because she could not handle it, but she waited backstage. As the reporters are trying to interview Rocky all he can do is yell for Adrian. And she comes. And tells him she loves him. And then you know he has truly won.

I thought that my love affair with Rocky was limited to just the movie(s), but now I have fallen in love all over again and I will write about that in another post.

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betty said...

I know I saw the first three Rocky's; not sure about the other ones. I remember after the first one came out, the doctor I worked for at the time wrote a "fan" letter to Sylvester Stallone on how great the movie was. (I had to type it up, that's why I know he wrote one). I think a lot of people for more than one way or reason was enamored with those movies.