Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Love Affair With Rocky Part 2

First part HERE.

After I first saw the Rocky movies I remember reading somewhere that Sylvester Stallone wanted to turn Rocky into a musical and have Elton John write the lyrics. My first thought was "a musical???? Is he nuts????" A stage play, maybe, but not a musical. How would that work?

I did not hear anymore about that and figured he abandoned that idea. In the meantime he wrote a new movie about Rocky -- Rocky Balboa. That was awesome.

So, several months ago I was very surprised to find out that not only had Stallone not given up his idea of making Rocky a musical, but that it would be debuting on Broadway!!!!! Whaaaattt???? Again it sounded crazy.

I thought to myself, however, that if they could do it right it could really be something. I had no idea what right even was for this (I am not a musical theatre expert). So with some trepidation I hoped for the best for the production.

Well, they certainly did get it RIGHT. And I realized I knew all along what it would have to be to make it right. It was the love story, of course. That had to be central.

Throw in some awesome lyricists, a writer who was able to adapt it and phenomenal actors and the show is a hit. The reviews are awesome. I follow their Facebook page and see pictures of it. I have seen some stuff on TV showing scenes. I have seen "Rocky" and "Adrian" interviewed and they both absolutely love their parts. This is Andy Karl's first starring role on Broadway and Margot Siebert's first ever Broadway play. Her voice is incredible. Andy is incredible.

The production is incredible (what little I have seen). They actually bring the boxing ring out to the audience and invite people to sit up on the stage so it is surrounded. It is a 20 minute choreographed fight scene and people are saying they have never seen anything like it in the theatre before.

A few days ago they released a preview of 5 songs on the soundtrack, which releases on May 27 (my due date!!). I preordered my copy and have been listening to those songs over and over. I have listened to them writing this post :)

Love is definitely central to this musical as evidenced by the songs. It's also obvious by the tagline "Love Wins" and the picture is of Rocky and Adrian.

The songs I have listened to are...

Raining, sung by Adrian. It gives her point of view of herself and insecurities and the hope of love with Rocky. Or at that point that he just keeps noticing her, even though she is afraid.

Fight From the Heart, sung by Rocky. One of the lines says "fight without thinking and fight without shame, fight for your girl and live up to your name"

One of Us, sung by Rocky, Apollo and company. It is about him getting a once in a lifetime chance and what it represents for others. And the character of Apollo sounds very true to the movie original. At the end Rocky says his iconic "Yo, Adrian"

Happiness, sung by Rocky and Adrian, after they have started dating. Very sweet love song.

Keep on Standing, sung by Rocky, This one is about not giving up and going the distance in his fight, but one of the lines says " I will think of you and try to keep on standing" I am assuming he is talking about Adrian.

I would really really love to go to New York and see this, but that is just not possible at this time so I will be satisfied with getting the soundtrack. Listening to those 5 songs, though, has rekindled all the love I have for the story of Rocky.

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betty said...

I hadn't heard Rocky was going to be a musical; sounds interesting. Sounds like some of these songs could be good in the labor/delivery room?