Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pre-Baby To Do List

So much left to do before baby comes I thought I would share!!!! Hopefully I can get it all done before he comes. It is in outline form because I like outlines.

I. Pack Hospital bag (mine and his) -- almost done
A. Left to do
1. Get grooming set(especially nail clippers) for peanut's
2. Get flipflops (for hospital shower) and new slippers for mine.
3. Add MY going home outfit lol (I forgot what I decided on)
B. Take breast pump and accessories out of box
1. Sterilize bottles

II. Clean car and install car seats

III. Clean and Organize Nursery
A. Put away purchases from this past weekend
B. Wipe down furniture with Babyganics
C. Set up diaper changing station (once the organizer comes in!!)
D. Switch out blinds and curtains
E. Vaccuum

IV. Bedroom
A. Clean and re-organize my side to accommodate pack and play
B. Switch out blinds with nursery
C. Switch out lamps so I have one with a nightlight
D. Vacuum

V. Baby's Closet
A. Take out swing, vibrating chair and bath tub and chair and clean.
B. Wash baby clothes (some are done)

VI. Get the rest of the house in shape
A. Bathrooms
B. Livingroom
C. Kitchen
D. Diningroom
E. Craftroom

All doable if baby waits until his due date lol.

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betty said...

I like how you have it outlined; you are right, it is doable!