Wednesday, May 14, 2014

38 Weeks

I think Peanut is considered full term now :)

I started my maternity leave on Monday. I started getting the house in shape. I am fluctuating between wanting to get as much done as I can stand each day in case Peanut comes soon or pacing myself so that I have something to do each day lol. I know I can always find more to do! I still would not classify it as "nesting" because I do not have this overwhelming desire to clean things, I just don't want to deal with it later lol.

I am still having heartburn. I thought that when the baby dropped that was supposed to take pressure off of your esophagus and the heartburn would subside, but nope. Still getting it. I can pretty much get rid of it with Tums.

My feet and hands are swollen. Not sure when that started, but I first noticed the feet when I got my pedicure on Saturday! They do not hurt, but they look UGLY. Luckily it is total flip flop weather here so no sneakers for me!!! The hands I noticed the next day. They do get a little sore at times.

I am also having mixed feelings about when I want Peanut to come. I always thought I would want pregnancy to last as long as possible to enjoy it. Most of the day I am fine waiting because I have stuff to do and I keep busy (mostly reading and watching TV), but at night when I can't sleep and am at my achiest and sorest I wonder how I am going to make it through another 2-3 weeks and want him to come NOW. When I start to get impatient, though, I tell myself that there are certain things I want to get done first. Monday it was turn in my disability paperwork. Tomorrow it is getting my new military ID card. Then I would like to attend my work shower on Friday. And we have our dining out on Saturday. After that I have nothing going on LOL.

Having said that, it appears that Peanut is in no hurry, despite him dropping last week, and I am back to thinking he is going to be late :( I am still not dilated. At all. He must be really comfortable in there, though I do not know how considering the doctor said he is taking up every available inch of room in my belly!!! AND he is "a pretty good sized baby" meaning ...... he is big!! I am only 5 ft and if you look at my stomach it is not really all that big (compared to other pregnant women, though the doctor did point out that I have not gained 70 pounds either!!). I do not know how I am going to naturally birth a "big" baby lol. I may have to have a C-Section if he gets too much bigger!! That is a last resort, though. I know my OB will try to get this baby out naturally first!

So, I guess I will just continue to go about cleaning house just a little at a time and getting losts of rest and such and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy :)

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betty said...

Is your blood pressure doing good? Yea you got to 38 weeks! I would imagine if it gets hot, then you might want the baby born sooner than later :)