Wednesday, May 21, 2014

39 Weeks

And ready to have a baby!!

I finished my cleaning goals last week so I started on Projects this week. On Monday I got the craft room cleaned up. Yesterday I cleaned out and reorganized the pantry. Today I am working on my closet. Tomorrow...scrapbooking!! I work on these things about 2 hours a day, during my soaps and take lots of breaks. I also set a chore goal each day (so far it has just been dishes)

I also started cooking and freezing meals. On Monday I made pot roast. Yesterday I made pork chops. Today will be a stir fry.

I am also going to start trying some natural labor inducing methods, though these are not proven medically or otherwise to work lol. First up, I had a foot massage today and made sure she got those places that are supposed to stimulate labor!!! Tomorrow I am hoping to go for Indian food. It is spicy and my favorite dish has eggplant, both of which are supposed to induce labor. The drawbacks of this are. 1. It is in Manhattan and I really do not know if I feel up to being that far from home (under 20 miles, but still). 2. Because it is spicy it may give me bad heartburn. 3. It may be a rough drive home lol 4. It is pricey. But if it works...hooray!!! The last thing will be pineapple. Which I love anyway. I do not have an exercise ball to sit and roll around on and I refuse to take Castor Oil. I am sure there are other things, too. Well, there is one other thing, but I am not going to mention it lol.

Okay, so now on to my doctor appointment. The OB estimated that Peanut is at 7 pounds. She also told me I am at an increased chance for a c-Section due to his size, the way I am carrying and my abnormal body (remember, I am smaller than average in places). They will try to deliver him vaginally first, but if I do not open up enough for him to pass through I will be having him by C-section. The thought of this does not distress me too much. I am not worried about the pain after. I am a little freaked out that I will not be knocked out, but I know I will not be able to feel anything. I may ask for some Xanax lol. The biggest concern I have is not being able to have that skin to skin contact immediately after he comes out. Hopefully TJ will be able to do that while I get sewn up. There are no plans to induce me before 41 weeks.

So now it is just continue to wait for Peanut to get here!!

Here are pictures from today


betty said...

I've heard lots of walking is also supposed to help bring on labor. Pictures looked great! Good idea to freeze meals too! Does your church bring food in for new moms? Ours does.


Robyn :) said...

Sometimes people at church bring food. Usually someone at work has a meal sign up, too.

I would walk more, but with my triple threat of pain -- round ligament, sciatic and pelvic -- usually occurring all at the same time, it is really hard.

Weekend-Windup said...

Hand off for you! You are planning and doing all the work. Also taking some steps for your labor. Walking will be very useful for it. I have heard people telling this!
Wishing you the best for the child birth!