Wednesday, May 28, 2014

40 Weeks

I am at 40 weeks and my due date was yesterday. I am still with child lol.

Same symptoms with the triangle of pain (sciatic nerve, round ligament and pelvic) and being tired. I seem to be more tired, though. I take 2 naps a day now. Yesterday I was not motivated to do ANYTHING. I went to the store, but at home I did not want to even work on a sewing project.

Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2am I thought I had a contraction. My lower back was in a LOT of pain. It was brief and did not feel tight or go to my stomach, but it hurt BAD. It only happened that once, though, and has not happened again.

I had my weekly doctor's appointment today. Peanut has been served his eviction papers lol. If he does not come on his own (which seems pretty unlikely as my cervix is still not open at all) I will be induced next Tuesday at midnight. I wanted to go Wednesday on my mom's birthday, but they already had one scheduled and nothing sooner SO it will be Tuesday. Maybe I will go over 24 hours and have him on her birthday anyway :)

The doctor still wants to try for a vaginal birth, but it is really looking like it will be a c-section. Today she mentioned that I have a small pelvic arch. Combine that with the other parts that are smaller than normal and I may not open up enough for him to pass through. I am mentally prepared for a c-section and I talked to her about what they do at this hospital. I am good with it.

I am going to take advantage of the warm weather and extra time before Peanut comes to go swimming!! Waiting for TJ to get home to take me as I do not want to go by myself. I tried my swimsuit on and it fits!! (it was getting to big when I was losing weight!).

And here are pictures from yesterday :)


Daleen said...

Ooh so exciting! Good luck with everything and I hope all goes well :) You are going to love being a mommy :D

betty said...

I remember months ago when you first announced you were pregnant, Robyn, and now you are so close to seeing your little one face to face! I am so excited for you and TJ!