Saturday, May 10, 2014

Baby Shower #3 -- In Which I Did Not Attend

It is really weird to know that people are gathering for a celebration in your honor and you cannot be there to join them. That is one of the downsides, though, of living so far away from family :(

I was very surprised and honored when my cousins back in California wanted to throw me a baby shower, even though I could not be there. They had everyone bring the present to show and then sent then to me in a big box.

I have a couple pictures from the shower.

I did not want to show any close ups of my family without their permission. I was also hoping to have some pictures of the presents I received, but they have not arrived yet lol.

I also wanted to explain that when Jonathon is born he will be the youngest of his generation (obviously) which includes well over 20 cousins!! If no one else from my generation has a baby from here on out, he will hold that title forever. No one in his generation has had a baby yet, but there are a few who are definitely old enough. In my more immediate family (grandma's kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkids) he IS the youngest of his generation. Guess what??? I am the youngest of mine!!

Shower #4 will be this coming week and I will be there unless I am having or have had the baby lol

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betty said...

How neat for your cousins to plan a shower for you, miles away. I know they are excited for you and wanted to let you know that by holding the shower. You'll have to plan a visit down the road so they can meet him. And may I say Happy Mother's Day!