Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daily Routine

These are pretty much what my days look like as I wait for baby.

Morning: Sleep as late as possible. Play on computer. Maybe run errands if need be.

Noon: Soap operas and cleaning

2pm: Reading and nap

Evening: Computer and TV

Night: Scripture study, reading and attempt to fall asleep several times.

Late night: sleep in 1 hour increments (wake myself up snoring), then 2 (to get up and pee).

Yep, that is it lol

Here are pictures from Friday

That last one is my belly covered with cat hair lol

1 comment:

betty said...

LOL with the cat hairs! But great pictures, Robyn and good schedule!! I think I had a dream about you/baby last night because in my dream I remember saying "that baby will come when you least expect him to" and you're the only one I know what is very close to giving birth :)