Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gardening Plan

So, remember how I said I would have a gardening post set up for this day because we were going to do some planting last Saturday???? Yeah, didn't happen. It was raining in the morning and we thought it would start again and neither of us were very motivated to do any planting. We did go to Walmart, though and LOOKED at plants, but did not buy anything. But, we have a plan!!!

We have a flower bed along the walkway to our front door. It only gets sun late in the day so we will be planting impatiens there. We are going to try another rose bush (the last one died during the winter) in front of our bathroom window. It gets adequate sun. TJ would also like to try tomatoes again so we may do 2 in the backyard in containers. I also want to get another hanging basket for the the hook in front of our house. Also, the corner of our flower bed over by the garage gets more sun so I may try another type of flower there like a geranium. Or one up by the door if I decide to sit out there in the evenings with Peanut.

Maybe today we will do all of this :) You know, if Peanut is not here yet.


Kim said...

Happy Wal Mart shopping. Seems like he'll wait till Tuesday. :)

betty said...

At least you have a plan for what you'll plant when you do get around to planting.