Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Am Ready, but Baby Isn't To Do List

Or How To Keep From Going Crazy Waiting For Baby To Come To Do List lol.

I finished the basic rooms I wanted done

A. Bathrooms
B. Livingroom
C. Kitchen
D. Diningroom

Just have to make sure they stay clean lol Even the laundry is all caught up.

Now it is time for the secondary rooms...

1. Craft room
2. My closet
3. Garage (this one is a bit ambitious lol. But there are some loose things to put away)

Then we move on to Projects

1. Make baby blankets and burp cloths
2. Catch Up on Project Life, baby book and pregnancy scrapbook
3. Organize pantry
4. Plant some flowers

I seriously do not care, though, if none of this stuff gets done LOL

1 comment:

betty said...

He's going to come when you least expect it, LOL. But it is good that you got through what you wanted to get through.