Thursday, May 22, 2014

If I Am Still Pregnant....

This is what I have planned personally and for the blog...

Thursday, catching up on Project Life. Indian Restaurant for dinner. This post

Friday, catch up pregnancy scrapbook, Currently

Saturday, planting flowers (hubby is totally on board with this!!), Dining out post

Sunday, church, blog post on Project Life

Monday, sewing a baby blanket, Mancat Monday blog post

Tuesday, sewing another blanket, Indian restaurant blog post

Wednesday, sewing burp cloths, 40 week blog post

Thursday, Pregnancy scrapbook post

Friday, Currently blog post

Saturday, Gardening blog post

Sunday, Church, baby blankets and burp cloths post

Monday, Mancat Monday blogpost

Tuesday, if baby is not here by this day then I better have an induction scheduled!!!!

The only post I have prepared ahead of this one right now is the Dining Out. I may go ahead and try to do a Mancat as well. If you see nothing else that means I am having the baby!!

i think I had a contraction earlier. Or gas.

1 comment:

betty said...

All great topics, Robyn. Let's hope you don't have to do them all and instead you are cradling your little one!