Sunday, May 25, 2014

Indian Food Induction Attempt

One of the things I have heard many times that can induce labor is spicy food. I have not had spicy food during my pregnancy because it did not sound appealing and also due to my heartburn issues. I knew, though, that if I wanted to try to make myself go into labor I would try eating spicy food and I knew what kind I wanted....Indian!!

I first had Indian food less than a year ago. In July, with my BFF in California. I absolutely loved it and found a place in Topeka which I visited twice. Then I got pregnant (actually, the 2nd time I went I was already pregnant, but would not find out for 2 more days). Since then they opened a restaurant in Manhattan which is much closer. It's called Dancing Ganesha

I looked online and the menu looked good. They had may favorite eggplant dish, which I also read helps induce labor (the eggplant). Unfortunately, we found out that they change the menu every few weeks so there were no eggplant dishes available when we went. Oh well, I found something else I liked that was sufficiently spicy. Lamb Korma

TJ had Mango Shrimp Curry and we ordered some garlic Naan (it was good, but I prefer regular Naan) I also had a Mango Lassi and Strawberry Lassi to drink (coconut milk and fruit drink)

It was very good and the service was awesome. They were also training new servers. The owners' daughter, who is the hostess, came to talk with us (and the other tables) to see how we liked it. It was just a really friendly place and I plan to go back.

As for inducing labor?? No such luck!! However, Peanut sure did seem to like it as he was very active afterwards and when I ate leftovers later that night and the next day lol.

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betty said...

It does sound like good food! I've never had Indian food, will have to try it sometime. Oh well, at least you tried :)