Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's Go To The Hospital......

...but first we have to pack some stuff!!!

Boppy pillow, regular pillow and hospital bag. I may also take my body pillow.

What's inside???

Stuffed animal for my comfort and possible focal point, tennis balls and sock for massage, iPod and earbuds and decapitated Pooh head. It is really a night light, but I am using it as a focal point for pain and breathing.

iPod player/radio, toiletrie bag and small diaper bag

My helper

Toiletries... breast pads, shower cap, vaseline (actually, that is for baby), lotion, nipple cream, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush and paste.


Flipflops for shower, extra pillow case, pads and some light reading for when labor is slow

Wait a minute!!!

Silly Scout!! You can't come to the hospital!!!!

Comfortable clothes to go home in, nightgowns (one practical with buttons for breastfeeding access and one super soft for comfort), socks and slippers (which do not fit because of my swollen feet!!) and plastic bag for laundry!!

And for the Peanut... vintage burp cloths and blanket, outfit for picture, going home outfit and an extra onesie, cloth diaper with disposable inserts, plastic bag for laundry, wipes, pacifiers, grooming supplies, hand mitts, butt paste and a rattle (for no practical purpose other than it will look cute in pictures). the hospital will provide most of what he needs.

Other things I am taking will be popsicles (the hospital does supply, but I like a certain kind), ice pack, and rice bag.

If I forgot anything luckily we live only 5 minutes from the hospital!!!!

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betty said...

You are quite prepared! I bet Scout would find a way to go if he could!