Monday, May 26, 2014

ManCat Monday With Kitty Feet

Hey Friends! It's another Monday!! It's also Memorial Day.

I have a random assortment of pictures for you today. First up are my feet. Aren't they lovely???

Sometimes I have to put my paw out for balance

Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner and I had to show her how much I missed her (actually I just wanted to go outside)

I have had kitty visitors the past week. First of all, my neighbor Henry got out again and tried to come see me, Twice. Unfortunately for him the first time I was in the bedroom snuggling with Mommy and his owner noticed right away he got out and came and got him. The second time I was in the window and let Mommy know he was on the patio. I did want to play with him, but she got him and took him home. She said they did not seem to know he got out!! He is sneaky!! Then, another cat came to see me one night and we had a friendly tussle. However, when Mommy opened the door he ran off and she did not see him. He is my mystery friend!!

1 comment:

Fuzzy Tales said...

Henry's humans could build him a catio, Scout. :-)

We wonder who this mystery visitor is...and exactly what do you mean by "tussle?" We can imagine it might not have been friendly!