Monday, May 5, 2014

Mancat Monday With Pampered Scout

Hey friends, how was your weekend??? Mine was pretty good except I am not allowed in my brother's room anymore :( Mommy says she want to keep it clean and relatively cat hair free from now on. I can still go in when she reads us stories, but that is it. She says, though, that the craft room is mine and brother will not be allowed in there.

Mommy was home sick on Friday and I took care of her. Daddy got home early from work and do you know what he did???? He lint rollered me!!!!!!! Do you know what that is????? I'll tell you!! It is an awesome massage tool that feels really good. Here is my session with Daddy...

I highly recommend this method of pampering.

We also had company this weekend and I got plenty of outside time. I also snuggled a lot with Mommy. She is home again today (not sick, it was an inservice day and she does not have to go to those) and I am enjoying having her here. Even if I am not allowed in the nursery.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

We're sorry you're not allowed in the nursery, but maybe the lint-rolling made up for it. Our human is going to have to try that with us. LOL.