Monday, May 12, 2014

Mancat Monday With Waiting Scout

Hi friends. I am looking for my little brother. I do hope he comes soon

Mommy says it can still be a couple of weeks. And he will not come in the back door. He will come in through the garage with Mommy and Daddy!

I had a visitor the other day. His name is Henry and he lives next door. He is supposed to be on a leash when he goes outside, like me, but when his parents aren't looking he climbs over the fence to go exploring!! He has seen me outside before so he came to our back door looking for me. I let Mommy know he was there and she wanted me to stay in so she could catch him and return him, but we wanted to play!! he jumped on the grill and I slipped out to play with him. Mommy was just about to grab him when he jumped down and we played chase!! Then she told the kid next door that Henry was out. She made me go in and the kid got Henry. I hope gets out again so we can play!!

I have been really good about staying out of the nursery unless Mommy is in there. I was able to inspect the changing pad and the stroller. They are both good.

Mommy started her maturdy leave today. It means she gets to stay home with me all day 2 weeks early from summer vacation!! I think because she has to use the bathroom all the time.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, did you really want to "play" with Henry, or do you mean the kind of "play" that involves fur loss and blood-letting? LOL. We hope it's the former! :-)

LOL @ "I think because she has to use the bathroom all the time."

We don't know what mat. leave is like in the U.S., but here in Canada mothers can take a full year if they wish (most do, we suspect). Even fathers get 3 months' paternity leave now. Our human has a co-worker who is off now until August 1st on paternity leave. :-)