Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maternity Pics

Here are some of the maternity pics I had done. The business is called A Wink and A Smile I found her through our church's women's Facebook page for the local area. These are not edited, yet, but I think they look fantastic! I was less than put together that day lol.

Fun little story about when we took these. We went to the Pott County fishing lake and there were some people camping/living there. The one guy came by and asked if we were taking engagement photos!! LOL. He did say congratulations, though, when we told him they were maternity pics.

I will share the edited ones when I get them.


Fuzzy Tales said...

We like the photos, you both look so sweet and so happy in them. :-)

betty said...

LOL with the guy wanting to know if they were engagement pictures, but I guess these days you never know. Those are great pictures! Took me awhile to realize what was being held, until I saw it was a little motorcycle. You look great!